Why all the noise?

Why do people need each other so much? There is always constant stream of knocking on doors all day long! constant calling to each other in the halls!

Doors slamming! don’t they think about this is a monastery? a Temple? a house of worship? A house of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas?

Why do these people talk so much!? What in god’s name do they have to talk about so much?

The monks who just come from the Dharma hall chanting all morning… what could they have to say to each other so badly… ‘boy that was some chanting we were doing there’.. yeah…we was a’ chanting … . yeah boy that was chanting right there…

….what could the maids be talking about….. boy I gotta mop this floor… yeah boy u better get moping…. yep im moping now…..

…. they are with each other all day… they have seen the same events around this little monastery….they were both there, they both saw it…….what is there to say? and at night when they go home it is around 8 pm when they leave here, by the time the get home they basically go to bed, I’m sure, cuz the gotta be back here by 7am to start moping and chatting again. So what could have happened at home they gotta’ talk about so badly?

and the security guards…? what the heck they chatting about…?

…’well I better sit here at this desk’ ….you see me, im sitting here, yep boy here I sit! ….’ yep boy you are doing some mighty fine sitting there’…. yep I gotta sit here and give people these little blue plastic things to put over their shoes and keep the floor clean, so the maids don’t have to talk about all the moping the gotta do…’

… I mean WTH!!… Shut up already!

I have been here since October and I have never had to go knocking on anyones door, never had to stand around in the halls calling to anyone.

I teach my english class, I eat and sleep, & I do my meditation practice.

HA! that reminds me of a line in Star Trek Voyager, by 7 of 9 when she was asked what she does all day since she was such a recluse, like me.

And she responded that she does her work in isometrics, she regenerates and she contemplates her existence.

simple lives… that’s the ticket….

The only time I am standing chatting with some one in the hall is when they need me to sign for my monthly stipend, or if the Russian teacher who thinks she speaks english [bless her heart] needs to ask me her standard 3 questions she has memorized…. how did you sleep….. how is your food…. is your room warm…. [god love her… she is really proud of her self…] never has she actually listened to my answers. To entertain my self I usually say something different every time, mix it up a little, and she always answers…. mmmm humm…. 🙂

Any hoooo…..

This was my contemplation this morning and then I came across this in my reading….

Desire makes one crave for sounds, touch, form, taste, & smell – the qualities of the five Elements that constitute the body. One is prompted by the element of Space present within to seek sounds for the ear; by the element of Air within, to run after things to stimulate the skin, by the element of Fire to pursue things to stimulate the eye; the Water element makes one crave for food and drink for the tongue, and the element of Earth urges one to cater to the nose, by trying to indulge smells.

Yah…. well what’d’ know… Desire…

Lojong, you’ve done it again!….

Thank you, Gurus, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, form the bottom of my heart I rejoice….

Yet another lesson to stay the noble path….

“You can only feel the presence of God, in the depth of silence. In the excitement, clutter and confusion of the marketplace, you cannot hear Her gentle footsteps. She resounds with clarity, only, when all is filled with silence. Practice soft speech and minimum sound. Talk little, talk in whispers, sweet and true. When you want to place a heavy thing on the ground, place it with care, do not drop it and create noise around you. Bend a little, set it softly and gently on the floor with care. Similarly examine each and every act, and see to it that you execute it softly and silently. Transact all dealings with minimum speech and eliminate noise. Do not shout to persons standing far, go near them or beckon them to approach you. Loud noise is a sacrilege on the sky.”

Blessed Be…..

There is so much still to be done……

My work here continues….

See you along the path…..