Haven’t been here for a while….

Gotta get posting!!

There Must be something I can muse about…..

Whats happening in the world………

staying up past 3AM.  There must be something …

Well one thing I have notices is the changes in the ppl round here, ever since I got here and started feeding the birdies outside my window, I have notices the monks now going out to feed them also… I guess they can’t be out done by a little ole’ Girl Monk! HA! good! just what a bodhisattva does ryt!?

also have noticed more chanting coming from their rooms instead of TV noise as I was hearing when I got here.

so good for them,  it is nice when I can influence that kind of behaviour.

also the  ppl are learning a few good manners, they no longer yank on my door b4 they knock. and today I noticed a monk knock on another monks door! and the door was already open, but he knocked anyway! good boy! you can be trained! HEHEEHE…

Well like ‘they’ say just living  the dharma and teaching will come naturally.

…another day as a reluctant Bodhisattva…. my work here continues..

See u in the pure lands….


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