A Vesica is formed when the circumference of three identical circles each pass through the center of the other in effect creating a portal.
A Triquetra.

May this be a Blessed Vesica for you & yours!

This evening will rise the first full moon of the fifth month of the lunar calendar.
This is the day Buddhist around the world celebrate the birth, enlightenment, & death, of the Forth Buddha of this; The Aeon of the Fortunate.
This day is referred to as 100million multiplying day!
Meaning that our actions and merit of those actions are multiplied 100million times!
All actions of body speech & mind!
All mantras uttered. All prayers offered,
All thoughts of Buddhas, bodhisattvas, & holy beings, all virtuous minds that we allow to rise and ripen. All acts of kindness & generosity.
All acts of purification!
All actions done, ordered to be done, or engaged in!
All multiplied by 100 million!
This is a very special day!
How fortunate we are!
We have 24 hours to engage in a few random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty!
So let’s get out there & create some beautiful memories!
Don’t forget to dedicate your merit!
There’s gonna be a lot of it! :))

TASHI DELEK! & May everything be Auspicious!