104 gone! only 20 close friends left, & 20 acquaintances

Did you hear about this crazy news report where some one killed someone  because they ‘unfriended’ them?  What nonsense is this now?

Its my Facebook page ! I’ll do what I want!!

OMG ppl get over yourselves!

I got a private message from a person that used to be on my friends list. it said ‘I see you took it upon your self to “defreind’ me. Yeah, I did. its my FB page I’ll do what i want!

I had 144 friends I recently decided to cut my friends list down.  I now have 40  “friends”  yes I deleted you! get over it! its Facebook ppl! it’s a game its a toy! it’s some thing to do when you have nothing else to do and you are bored! its email! its communication with ppl on a very superficial level! its supposed to be fun! entertaining! not the main purpose of your life!

Its my FB page I’ll do what I want!

Here’s a thought……….. GET A LIFE!  GO OUTSIDE!

Maybe if you weren’t such a clinging, shallow, insecure, narcissistic, troll I would not have ‘defriended’ you!

And what is this new “defriend” crap?  the tab on Facebook clearly says “UNFRIEND” Learn to read people! LEARN TO USE ENGLISH CORRECTLY!

it’s that big EGO  that wants to say ‘defriend’ cuz the word defriend implies I have done something ‘TO’ you  […poor baby….]  but unfriend is actually me removing my self from your…. dare I say it…  meaning less post… sorry but I don’t feel like reading all your complaints and whines about every aspect of your life!  post something interesting and maybe other people will read it…

….and not every news story on yahoo! we all have yahoo! we’ve all read ‘that’ story… find one we all did not see this morning!

‘defriend’ is not even a word!  just ask spell  check!! btw, SpCk dont like ‘unfriend’ too much either…. js…

FOOTNOTE: If you are reading this I did not ‘defrend’ you! too bad the folks that I did unfriend can’t see this….

its my FB page I’ll do what I want!