Protection from Radiation fallout.

Protection from Radiation fallout.

The first radiation plume is expected to hit southern California as soon as Friday morning March 28th, 2011. Government officials stated that the radiation levels “should not” be concentrated enough to cause health problems to California residents, although Even the Mainstream media has began airing alerts of the potential fallout of US territories as early as Friday March 18th.

How to Protect yourself & your Family:
As radiation is expected to begin falling in the United States within the next
15 hours, the best thing you can do if you are concerned, is to keep your family, children and pets in doors.

Shower regulrarly, especially after having been out doors.
Check the food you eat for radiation levels over the next year or so. Eating fruits and vegetables grown indoors or Hydroponically will have a lesser chance of having been exposed to radiation.

Potassium Iodine /Iodade:
Please remember that it is not a good idea to take Potassium Iodade unless it
is absolutely eminent that you will be or have been in contact with dangerous levels of radiation. The best defense for your protection and safety is to stay in doors and keep your windows closed.
Additionally, Do Not by any means attempt to ingest liquid Iodine, this will
provide no protection and is poisonous if ingested.

The radiation fallout cloud moves along the Eastward-bound jetstream to the USA and Canada from Japan, & the flurry of information on radiation protection has moved with it. Most of it is focused on protecting the thyroid with an iodine
supplement, that is, iodide or iodate. If you investigate the Chernobyl crises of 25 years ago, the consumption of iodine did not prevent thyroid cancer, leukemia or bone cancers but promoted them. Blocking radioactive particles with iodine from the thyroids sends it to bones and bone marrow, increasing risk of leukemia and bone cancers.

Any form of iodine that is not a natural part of fresh food is oxide, that is, it is rock. That includes any iodine supplement, even if the iodine were taken from a food source. Once it is processed into an isolated mineral, it is again rock, not food, whether powder, pill, or liquid. Animals cannot digest or utilize rock inter-cellularly, only plants can.
When animals consume iodine supplements, it collects as mineral deposits somewhere in the body. Most often in intestines, nervous system, brain, bones and bone marrow.
Non-bioactively bound iodine, that is, iodine that is not a natural part of fresh raw food is toxic to varying degrees. It is rarely ever beneficial. The risks far outweigh any benefits except to those promoting and selling iodine supplements.
Generally, foods from the sea contain the most iodine, and then plant foods. Of all foods seaweed, like kelp, is the best source of natural iodine however, humans only ingest about 2%. Kelp When cooked, will allow humans to derive much more from it. Raw eggs and raw dairy products are the best sources, followed by raw meats.
The US government, &The FDA have campaigned against scientifically-proved-to-be-healthful raw milk for decades. because they know its high mineral concentration and soothing, nerve protecting fats counteracts just about every toxin on earth. Their scientifically unsupported claims that raw diary is
harmful and dangerous are prejudicial and unfounded.

The Masai, Mongolians Samburu and Fulani thrived for thousands of years eating predominantly raw milk products. If raw dairy were dangerous and harmful, they would have been extinct thousands of years ago.

We must be as logical and sensible at all times or we will fall prey to pharmaceutical chemistry-based nonsense. If the risks of environmental contamination are bearing down on us, we must be more resolute and cautious.

Remedies for Radiation Contamination:
Here are the things that effectively help reduce radioactive toxins and symptoms in the body. Organic no-salt raw cheeses eaten frequently will help absorb and neutralize free-radical radioactive minerals; aloe vera gel eaten directly from the plant (do not eat green skin) helps soothe and heal radiation burn; oranges and avocados eaten together help neutralize radiation; pineapple and no-salt raw cheeses eaten together help dissolve cellular radiation damage and harness byproducts; papaya eaten with no-salt raw cheeses helps prevent scarring; no-salt raw butter eaten with no-salt raw cheeses
helps prevent radioactive minerals from entering cells; no-salt raw butter eaten with unheated honey helps digestion and healing; and one ounce of raw milk consumed once hourly helps protect intestines and nerves.
Get several antioxidants like Vitamin C, Raw Cocoa, Turmeric, Curcumin, Vitamin E
Start taking them asap. They will protect the healthy cells from radiation.
Buy food you can cook at home to survive for long periods of time. For example, brown rice and beans. Buy vegetables like cabbage that can last for long periods of time. Don’t forget to store water in glass containers when ever possible.
Stay tuned…More helpful hints to come…